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At his Beijing concert recently, Hong Kong singer Eason Chan (陳奕迅) drew displeasure from fans when he advocated his sponsor’s product publicly on stage.

During his concert, Eason performed two commercial songs for his endorsing brand of orange juice. Besides dressing in an orange coloured shirt, his backup dancers also dressed up as oranges in the performance. He later drank the orange juice on stage and even the stage was decorated with oranges. Some fans even sarcastically asked if the oranges or Eason were the centre of attraction.

The audiences subsequently booed in protest when Eason thanked his advertiser. Feeling helpless and annoyed with the situation, Eason asked his fans, “Do you have the money to sponsor my concert?”

Although Eason tried to lighten the audiences’ moods later, his concert did not run too smoothly as well. During the closure of his concert, Eason said, “This is the last performance that I am opening for song dedication as I can’t hear what everyone is saying”.

This immediately drew dissatisfaction from the crowd. Eason later tried to calm the audiences and light-heartedly said, “If somebody is praising me handsome or good looking, I am sure I am able to hear”. He later asked the fans who they thought are not as good looking as him.

“Leehom Wang,” shouted a fan.

Eason’s face went solemn for a moment and replied, “Of course I am more handsome than Leehom Wang. Leehom’s face is too small and went out of proportion”.

Source: appledaily.com.tw, mingpao

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