Edison Chen loses his cool at paparazzi

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Edison Chen is notorious for losing his cool towards paparazzi.

His high-profile relationship with his employee, Ann Hong has been a favourite target for all media. Edison reportedly spent the lunar new year with his 22-year-old girlfriend. The couple was sighted at the Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport two days ago.

When a reporter went up and wished him happy new year, Edison showed a black face and replied, “I do not want to talk to you”.

When probed further if he had spent the reunion dinner with Ann’s family, Edison replied, “I do not want to talk to you. Do you understand me?”

Getting annoyed with the paparazzi’s trailing, Edison reportedly pushed the luggage cart towards the reporter and even flashed out his phone to take pictures of the reporter.

After his girlfriend got on the car, Edison lashed out at the reporter and said, “Get away from me! I can’t see you fat man. You are stupid. I am not stupid. Go away. May you have a happy Chinese new year!”

Edison then carried his luggage on a car and left angrily with his girlfriend.

Source: 21CN

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