Jerry Yan speaks up for Lin Chi-ling

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Recently, Lin Chi-ling was attacked by Edison Chen on his Weibo. Although Edison did not reveal any reason, it was speculated that he was standing up for his model girlfriend.

After Edison’s rude message was posted, many celebrity friends of Chi-ling felt sorry for her and spoke up for her. Even Chi-ling’s ex-boyfriend, Jerry Yan also issued a statement through his agency to speak up for her.

Jerry said, “Chi-ling is a very kind and filial person. It must be a misunderstanding.”

Taiwanese producer Chiu Li-Kwan also defended Chi-ling and blasted Edison.

Chiu suspected if Edison’s Weibo account was hacked. “How could there be such a ridiculous thing?”

She said, “If it was really him, let me tell you, Taiwanese artistes are not easily bullied. Moreover, it is Chi-ling! You better don’t appear in Taiwan. I promise I will beat you whenever I see you!”

Chi-ling’s manager expressed that they would not take any legal action against Edison.

“The words are not pleasant, but Ms Lin Chi-ling is a very cultured person. She is very tolerant to Mr Chen.”

Source: Ettoday

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