Fan Bingbing and Li Chen display affection in public

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Since going public with their relationship, Fan Bingbing and Li Chen have been exhibiting their love in public.

A few days ago, Li Chen was seen waiting patiently outside an studio when Bingbing was in a photoshoot. After the photoshoot, Bingbing immediately dashed towards her boyfriend.

Although only being separated for a short while, Bingbing gazed passionately towards Li Chen and rested her head on his chest. Li Chen also reciprocated by lifting Bingbing and made her laughed like a little girl.

Bingbing was also seen with a baby bump, and was speculated if she was pregnant.


Meanwhile, Chinese media reported that the couple had viewed a property in Qingdao, accompanied by Bingbing’s grandmother.

Bingbing and Li Chen were rumoured to be getting married on October 1. After the wedding date was exposed, Bingbing reportedly had plans to bring their wedding forward.

Although Bingbing was running a fever that day, she still insisted to view the property. She was also seen signing on a document, which was suspected to be signing the contract for the new house.




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