Fan Bingbing professes love for Li Chen

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Fan Bingbing and Li Chen have been hitting the headlines after declaring their relationship recently. 

Yesterday, Bingbing posted a back view photo of her and Li Chen holding hands in Tibet and openly expressed her love for her new beau.

The photo captioned, “It doesn’t matter if the whole world does not know who I am waiting for. It’s enough as long as I know that the person is you.”

Bingbing has also been gushing over her new beau and praised him openly during interview.

She said, “I feel safe with him. He is the kind of person who is able to protect you! He will be the first person to lend a helping hand if his friend is in difficulty. This is similar to me.”

Asked why she chose to go public with their relationship, Bingbing said, “I feel it’s about time. He has a great personality, a good attitude and someone who takes life seriously.”

When probed if the couple had plans to get married, Bingbing said shyly, “It depends if someone is hardworking enough.”



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  1. Jonahae Reply

    I’ve watched the Running Man episode when she was guest on the show and that
    episode you can never really tell that there a couple already which is they are,but the other cast
    keep teasing them, and at that time I really ship her with Hangeng who is also a guest on that episode

  2. Fanilida Reply

    This couple has quickly risen to become one of the annoying couple after Huang Xiao Ming and Angelababy. Why the high profile suddenly?

  3. Lori Reply

    Aww, it sound like bingbing will marry him if he propose to her.