Former ATV artistes promote TVB’s new channel

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TVB has launched a new fee-based TV service platform, myTV SUPER.

As myTV SUPER will be rolling out an ATV drama channel, TVB has invited ex-ATV artistes to promote the new channel, and this is a historic event for the former 2 rival TV stations.

Many of the former ATV artistes are now TVB artistes, and the attended artistes include Ruco Chan, Alice Chan, Elena Kong, Kristal Tin, William Chak, Philip Keung, Gilbert Lam, Frankie Choi and Andrew Yuen.

Through an interview, Ruco praised TVB for its graciousness. He said, “I am happy to take photos with my ex-colleagues. I have not seen Andrew Yuen for a long time, and he was my big brother in the past. This is a historic moment for such a crossover! I feel that TVB is very big-hearted to buy ATV dramas.”



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