Gillian Chung opens up on breakup with boyfriend

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Gillian Chung’s romance with Korean ex-boyfriend, Tyler ended after dating briefly for 10 months. There were speculations that the couple could not sustain their long-distance relationship, Gillian could not tolerate Tyler’s male chauvinist behaviour and that he was often surrounded by women.

For the first time, Gillian finally has broken her silence and opened up the cause of their breakup.

Citing that they had different personalities, Gillian said, “We had different lifestyles. I am a homely girl, whereas he is more high profile. I like to stay at home, whereas he would request me to go out. Besides our different lifestyles, we also had different personalities.”

After the breakup, Gillian has analysed what went wrong and how this relationship has changed her.

“I behaved like a little child in the past. I would flare up at every little thing and felt that it was a man’s job to coax the girls. I also did not cherish every relationship. An Aquarius person just likes to do whatever pleases her. Whatever others say, I will intentionally not do it. However, I have changed a lot and know how to understand and accommodate to others now.”

“There is one thing that never changes though. I am never after any good looking guys.”

The 32-year-old has vowed not to date within these two years and will use the opportunity to learn more things to upgrade herself.

Gillian said, “Actually, it is quite good to be single. You have more time and you are able to understand yourself better.”

Earlier, her colleague Vincy Chan has commented on Gillian’s breakup, saying that “she has many pursuers” and does not need anyone to introduce guys to her.

Apparently, Gillian was upset with Vincy’s respond and said, “Why did she say this out of the blue The funniest thing is that we are not that familiar at all.”

Gillian clarified that she did not have any pursuers as she is always swarmed with work and surrounded by the working crew.

Her ex-boyfriend, Edison Chen has also expressed that he did not know about her breakup and did not have any chance to comfort Gillian.

Upon hearing Edison’s name, Gillian said coldly, “I do not want to respond anything on him. This has nothing to do with him. There is no need to respond.”


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