Jay Chou dares not play mediator between Show and Anthony

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JayYesterday, Jay Chou held his autograph session for his Opus 12 <12新作> album in Hong Kong and thousands of fans flocked to see their idol.

As it was the Yuanxiao Festival last night, it was puzzling that Jay had brought along his mother instead of rumoured girlfriend, Hannah Quinlivan to the Hong Kong trip.

Jay said, “My mum is the dearest person to me. I do not have a girlfriend, but I have many female friends. It is not nice to date any woman today as it will invite misunderstanding.”

Jay’s good friend Show Luo and his godfather Anthony Wong were embroiled in a “feud” after Show’s fans started to blast Anthony on his Weibo. “I know about it. I read it from the papers. Godfather’s personality is very direct,” said Jay.

“I think the reports were slightly exaggerating. One is my godfather, another one is my good friend. I dare not ask godfather about it.”

Asked if he would try to be the peacemaker, Jay replied, “You have to know what is godfather’s character like.”

Source: Oriental Daily 

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