Jerry Yan broke up with Lin Chi-ling because of jealousy?

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Now that Ken Chu has found himself a girlfriend, Jerry Yan is the only F4 member remains single at the moment.

Vanness Wu got married with Singaporean heiress Arissa Cheo in 2013, and is the first F4 member to tie the knot. Although Vanness and Arissa had an online spat earlier, the couple has patched things back quickly.

Vic Chou have dated Beatrice Hsu and Barbie Hsu, but both relationships have ended up in separations. Vic is currently dating Reen Yu and looks like he is about to get hitched anytime. Vic has also revealed that he sees Reen as his marriage partner.

Ken’s string of girlfriends include Li Bingbing, Mai Sato, Maggie Wu, Kelly Lin and Jiang Xinyu. Recently, Ken’s new girlfriend was revealed as Chinese actress Han Wen Wen after being caught holding hands in a mall.

Jerry’s love life has always been a mystery. Besides being rumoured with Taiwanese model, Lin Chi-ling, little is known about his love life. Jerry and Chi-ling have been widely seen as the “most regrettable couple who should not have broken up.”

Rumours have cited Jerry’s jealousy as the cause of their relationship.  In 2005, Chi-ling was injured in a horse fall and Jerry chided her for not able to protect herself well. Jerry was said to be very jealous of Chi-ling’s rumours with businessman Qiu Shi Kai.

Chi-ling was hurt by Jerry’s jealousy and the couple eventually broke up.

Source: Apple Daily

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  1. Hannah Meriel Rafael Reply

    Before anything else let me congratulate Jerry for him tv series my best ex boyfriend..for me it is the BEST tv series that ive been watch except Meteor garden because i really really love it until now..i cant move on with that tv series..I hope my best ex boyfriend will show here in the and let all the fans rather all of the people will watch with have some fun,laught especially KILIGIN like what im doing during ive watching it..Until now i am at episode 39 and tommorow night again ive been finish that untill it is not 12:00am yet like what im doing during i watching it every night.And for the issue of Jerry and Lin Chi ling for me it is natural in the relationship that sometimes it comes in the point of jealousing..and for me jealousing is the mark that you love him/her..right?

    trully FAN of Jerry FOREVER..!!!!!!!(also F4) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. helen baguio Reply


  3. suyin wee Reply

    Dear Jerry Yan,
    I know you love and trust her with all your secrets, she’s loves you very much. She dotes and spoils you rotten. Please proof to her that you are not a LIAR, a CHEATER and a man that keeps his promise when it is made. Please also win back her trust. both of you are very suitable for each other even thou u guys look so funny when fighting and having a war of words with your broken cute English. I still think you guys really look like NOBITA AND DOREAMON. She really loves you very much and is still waiting for you to proof it.
    I wish you all the best, I really hope you get married soon as she is the only one that can tolerate you.

    1. Ahzhen Reply

      He may be a childish but he is not a liar nor a cheater. Watch your mouth . You have no right to say that to jerry. And please if they are meant to be ,they are meant to be. Whatever mistakes they made if they will be together forever,they will be together. If the cause of break up is jealousy whats wrong with that? Even you becomes jealous when you are in a relationship. So dont blame jerry the cause of break up hello. I am a fan and i will defend him . So please stop being rude to jerry . If you want them to be happy let them be. If you want them to have a happy ending dont be rude to jerry. Too pathetic you have no idea about LCL and jerry’s real break up.

    2. Ahzhen Reply

      If she really do love jerry ,as a GF you will still fight the man you love. Yes jerry yan too childish he want someone who will spoiled him by giving not material things but with true affection,someone who will give you care and vise versa.but LCL too selfish she just want a man who have money like shi kai. She is not contented with jerry’s love . I am againts about lcl . Because theres a lot of girls who will give jerry yan a true love that he needs .

  4. marie Reply

    big fan of yours rather 😉

  5. marie Reply

    I hope jerry soon will find his happy ever after..the one who is worthy of his love..(though i wish that will be me 😉 ) i wish him happiness..i love u soo much will always be my one great idol..i will always be a great fan of yours. Wo ai ni! Hope u u’ll be back here in phil. Its a dream come true to see u in person. ^_^