Jerry Yan finally speaks: Seanna Chang is a very important friend

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Jerry Yan is rumoured with Taiwanese model-actress Seanna Chang after tabloids reported that the couple went on trips to US. and Toyko together. 

Jerry has always been very low-profile on his romantic rumours, and seldom responds on love rumours.

Unexpectedly, Jerry issued a respond through his manager and addressed his relationship with Seanna, “She is a very very important friend in my heart.”

Jerry has always known to be a very private person, and carefully protects his personal life. From the statement, it can be seen that Seanna plays a significant role in Jerry’s life.

Through his manager, Jerry also revealed that Seanna and several friends had visited him secretly and gave him a surprise while he was filming in California and attending an event in Japan. This also confirms that Jerry and Seanna were together in US and Tokyo.

Jerry said that Seanna had walked through with him at his lowest point and most difficult time of his life. She also encouraged him, gave him advice and helped him, and he is grateful to her.

Seanna is nicknamed as “Taiwanese Cheon Song-yi”. The 32-year-old was a junior of Jerry’s ex-girlfriend, Lin Chi-ling’s former agency, Catwalk Model Agency Ltd. She has also acted as minor roles in several idol dramas such as Inborn Pair <真愛找麻煩>, Love, Now <真愛趁現在> and Love Me or Leave Me <我租了一個情人>.

Seanna and Jerry reportedly knew each other a long time, as she once dated his good friend, Tang Kuo-Chung.

Source: Ettoday

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