Jolin Tsai and Vivian Dawson spotted in Singapore

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Jolin Tsai held her concert in Singapore last Saturday.

After the concert, she also spent a few days in Singapore for a holiday. Her boyfriend, Vivian Dawson also specially flew over to Singapore to spend time together with her.

As Vivian’s mother is a Singaporean, he is very familiar with Singapore, and took Jolin around the place. The couple was spotted shopping in a mall, and was dining at a local restaurant.

Yesterday, the couple also visited Universal Studios at the Sentosa island. Jolin, who was in shades was first spotted at the theme park, and Vivian was seen walking behind her.

Jolin also signed autographs and took photos, and many fans have praised her for being friendly.


Source: Apple Daily

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    i think, she’s a beautiful and famous artist in taiwan..