Jolin Tsai broke down during MV filming

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While filming the music video for her new song Me in album MUSE, the usual composed Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) broke down in tears.

Me is a reflection of Jolin’s music journey. The song narrates that a superstar can shine brightly on stage, but will the fans still love her after she transforms into an ordinary person without makeup on her face.

Jolin was very emotional during the MV filming, and particularly so when she saw herself removing the makeup in the video clip.

“In the past, I always feel that the most embarrassing moment for a female artist is not without her makeup, but it is during the moment when the makeup artist put up makeup on half side of her face. I finally understand that moment!”

Jolin’s road to stardom was not easy. She works extremely hard to transform from a sweet little girl to a dance diva, and now is considered a ‘heavenly queen’ in the Chinese pop music scene. The journey to a ‘heaveny queen’ was met with difficulties and setbacks. In order to perfect her dance moves, she had hurt her legs and shoulders umpteen times.

Jolin has also always aimed for 120 marks in her career. “I exceeded the mark to let others demerit my points,” said Jolin.

In the lyrics of Me, it says, “The reflection of me in the mirror, it is na unfamiliar face. Which is the real me and which is the fake me.”

“When the stage becomes smaller one day, who will still come and see me. Is it that I am not good enough? Who will give me a hug by then?”

The lyrics clearly reflected Jolin’s inner thoughts and her tears immediately rolled down when the music was played during the filming. As Jolin is afraid that she will be overcome by emotions, she is considering if she will perform the song at her concert in Taipei Arena on 22 and 23 December 2012.


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