Jolin Tsai denies praying for her love life

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Recent reports claimed that Jolin Tsai’s mum went to offer prayers at a fox fairy temple to ask for a smooth relationship for Jolin and Vivian Dawson. The Taiwanese pop diva attended an Adidas event yesterday, and dismissed the rumours.

“I find the news funny, and don’t know how it comes from,” said Jolin.

Asked if she would offer prayers to the fox fairy, Jolin said, “I feel that my fans are my fox fairy. I have not prayed for my love life. It’s more important to get along well [with the other half].”

Jolin thinks that her mum would not pray for her love life and does not think there is a need to ask her. Jolin also thinks that her luck and fortune is quite good.

“I think my mum also does not need to pray to the fox fairy,” said Jolin.

When asked if there was any plan to get married, Jolin said, “I have not thought that far yet.”

Source: Apple Daily 

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