Kevin Cheng responds on kissing photo: I really want to have a partner

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TVB actor Kevin Cheng was caught on camera kissing a woman at a nightclub on new year’s eve. At the blessing ceremony of his new drama Vampire <僵>, Kevin was grilled on the identity of the woman.

Kevin did not respond if the woman was his girlfriend. He said, “She is not within the entertainment circle. I have already brought her a lot of trouble. People outside the entertainment circle do not want to be that high profile. Please give me some personal space. Please do not speculate before I make any announcement. It’s very hard for me to develop [a relationship] if everyone don’t give me the space.”

Kevin also declined to respond how long he had met the woman.

Responding on report that said that he “could not wait to lay his hand” on the woman, Kevin said, “Please do not use that word. I have been single for so long. I really want to have a partner, and do not wish to be alone. This description is not appropriate.”

Kevin also said that he did not have the habit of frequenting nighclubs. He only attended a new year’s eve party with a group of friends that night.

When being told that ex-girlfriend Charmaine Sheh had sent her blessings to him, Kevin smiled and said, “It’s normal for good friends to give well wishes to each other. I also wish her well.”


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