Li Chen defends Fan Bingbing and blasts ex-girlfriend, Viann Zhang for cheating on him

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Since Li Chen and Fan Bingbing go public with their relationship, Li Chen’s ex-girlfriend Viann Zhang has been commenting on their relationship.

First, Viann sent her blessings to the couple on her Weibo. However, shortly after, Viann’s good friend accused Bingbing of intervening between Viann and Li Chen.

Then, Li Chen’s good friend defended Bingbing and suggested that Viann was the one dating a “Mr Huo” behind Li Chen. Taiwanese actor, Wallace Huo has been rumoured to be the third party.

Unable to tolerate the accusations, Li Chen finally broke his silence and even blasted Viann for creating publicity for herself.

Li Chen said on his Weibo, “Actually, everyone knows that this is a deliberate ‘bundled comsumption’. Whatever I say, it gives an opportunity for the other person to create publicity. If I don’t say anything, I am seeing little Fan being slandered and hurt for no reason.”

Li Chen also defended Bingbing and denied that she was the third party. “I and Little Fan were single when we started dating. We did not open up back then because we wanted to protect our relationship. Now that we are willing to open up is because we want to lead a normal life.”

“It must be made clear that, the moment I knew Ms Zhang had cheated on me, she and I ended.”

Li Chen also spoke harshly on Viann and wished to severe all ties with her. “You have your tricks, and I have my life. After today, we will not respond to whatever trouble created by Ms Zhang. Wishing you the best in your life, and may our paths never cross again.”

Subsequently, Viann also wrote on her Weibo, “Fate comes, fate goes. Totally ruthless. It’s all in the past!”

Several years ago, Viann dated TVB actor Ron Ng and their breakup in 2012 also ended on a bad note. 

Source: HK Channel

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  1. Effendytay Reply

    The beauty of a woman doesn’t confine to facial outlook, it’s the inner beauty that grows internally.
    Fan bing bing has that quality and everlasting beauty is forever. Wishing her happiness with the right choice .

  2. Rachael Reply

    The ex girlfriend looks prettier then his current lady

    1. Dani Reply

      but both are plastic on equal terms tho.