Louis Koo wipes mouth after sacrificing his kiss

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Louis Koo makes a huge sacrifice for good friend Sandra Ng’s lunar near year’s movie, Golden Chicken SSS <金雞sss>.

To film the third installment of the Golden Chicken, Sandra has utilized her friendship cards and invited all her celebrity friends such as Donnie Yen, Nick Cheung, Shawn Yue, Eason Chan, Tony Leung Ka-fai and Ronald Cheng to guest star in the movie. Among all, Louis Koo proves to be the most loyal friend and accepted Sandra’s invitation without even asking what role he was supposed to play.

It was until two days before the filming that Sandra told Louis that he had a very ‘flavourful’ intimate scene with Michelle Lo. Even Nick Cheung was curious about the scene and visited Louis at the film set.

In the scene, Lo Hoi-pang is trying to fulfill his dying wife, Michelle Lo’s dream to meet her idol, Louis Koo. As he is not able to invite the real Louis Koo to visit his wife, he seeks the help of Sandra to invite an impostor Louis Koo. Upon seeing the impostor Louis Koo, Michelle immediately drags him to the rooftop and begs him to kiss her before her death.

During the filming, everyone broke into laughter after seeing Louis sacrificing his kiss. Louis was also spotted wiping his mouth right away after the kissing scene was over. Sandra then went over to comfort Louis and checked if he was alright.



Talking about her kiss with the Hong Kong heartthrob, Michelle laughed, “Before the filming, Sandra told me that she was giving Louis Koo for me to kiss! Wah, I was so happy after hearing it! I was willing to film even if there was no pay!”

Michelle also helped Louis to clarify on why he had to wipe his mouth after the kissing. To portray as a dying patient, Michelle’s mouth was applied thick layer of concealer, so Louis had to clean off the concealer from his mouth.

“Actually, Louis is very nice person. I was worried that others would think that I was taking advantage of him, so I held back my acting. However, Louis told me not to worry and just act out boldly. In the end, there were seven to eight outtakes. I felt so embarrassed kissing him so many times.”

Louis also shared about his kissing scene, “The scene was created for comedy effect. Everyone was laughing hysterically while filming. There was nothing to sacrifice, please do not say that. It was all for the sake of acting.”

Asked why he had to wipe off his mouth, Louis smiled and said, “I felt uncomfortable that my lips was all covered with lipstick after kissing, so I had to wipe them off. Sandra did come over to comfort me, but actually, there was nothing at all.”


Source: Apple Daily 

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