Lynn Hung enjoys her new relationship: “I can date like a normal girl”

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After breaking up with heavenly king Aaron Kwok, Lynn Hung has finally found her Mr Right.

Lynn has earlier confirmed that she was dating former TVB actress Kenix Kwok’s brother, Kwok Ho Chung after being spotted on a holiday together in Taiwan.

At an event, Lynn couldn’t help but gushed about her new boyfriend. Lynn said that although she and Ho Chung had not been dating for long, their relationship is very stable.

“In the past, I have to try out in a relationship for at least a few months, but this time, it is very stable. I feel very secure and think that we are suitable for each other. (Do you see him as your marriage partner?) Please do not say that. I’m afraid he will be scared away.”

Ho Chung has also received the approval from Lynn’s mother. She said, “There was a time when my boyfriend sent me home. My mum thought that he had passed her test.”

Lynn also added that she can date normally in this new relationship. “I can date like a normal girl, be it going to a supermarket or having a high tea. I have not tried leading a simple and happy life for so long.”

Asked if wedding bells would be ringing soon, Lynn said that they still needed more time to understand each other.

Meanwhile, Lynn also sent her blessings to her ex-boyfriend, Aaron who is being plagued by scandals lately. 

“I hope that he can find a suitable girl. We are still friends. He is a nice guy, and I really hope that he can find his other half soon.”

Source: Ming Pao 

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