Lynn Hung hints that Aaron Kwok is not mature

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Recently, Lynn Hung attended a press launch and was asked to comment on her ex-boyfriend, Aaron Kwok’s new romance with 27-year-old model, Moka Fang.

Lynn said, “As long as he is happy. As an outsider, I can only wish him the best. (Are you unhappy because he went public with his new relationship?) I am very happy now, and I will not think of the unhappy thing. Everyone has a growing stage. I am happy now. The past is not important.”

Earlier, Lynn posted a photo of lovers’ shoes of hers and her boyfriend’s, and it was seen as a retaliation to Aaron’s new relationship.

Lynn denied and said, “Social media is very public. Everyone has the right to post happy occasions. (Aaron said that there was no need to compete) What is there to compete?  Only those who are unsure of themselves will want to compete with others to affirm their happiness. There is no need for me to do this. Everyone can tell from my smile and words that I am very happy. (Because you can date openly?) It’s very comfortable. There is no worry that you will do the wrong things or speak the wrong words. It’s comfortable to date like a normal person.”

Lynn dismissed the rumours that her boyfriend had proposed to her during their trip to Okinawa. Lynn also revealed that she sees her boyfriend as a marriage partner, as he is able to give her a sense of security.

Asked if her previous relationship did not give her a sense of security, Lynn said, “In my last few relationships, I was too young. Fate and personality play a part. My current boyfriend is very mature.”

Source: HK Channel

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  1. Nena Hari Reply

    Aaron Kwok has more or less relied on his handsome looks to get through life, hasn’t he? He could have any woman he wants and he can probably get away with just about anything. People who are extremely good looking and rely mostly on their looks can be quite immature and a bit emotionally stunted. My college roommate said that her friend went out on a couple of dates with him and that pretty much confirms that theory. I would be hesitant to have him as a serious boyfriend or spouse, but he’d be an excellent toy boy to look good on your arm to bring to a social occasion. hahaha

  2. Lalavonvon Reply

    Not sure what happened between the two ex-lovers. Certainly not my business.

    But as an outsider, I seriously think that Aaron Kwok is immature to be commenting on what Lynn Hung posted about lovers’ shoes. What is there to compete? Why he deemed Lynn’s action as a retaliation? Why is he so self-centred? Is this a sign of Aaron Kwok being too much in love with himself?

    What happened is in the past. Both Lynn Hung and Aaron Kwok cannot change it. Why be bitter about the past? i say, wish each other well and be contented with what blessings you received with your present relationships.

    Sigh. How two people who used to love each other can escalate to such pettiness is beyond me! Especially coming from a man who is a public personality and who is half a century old!!!