Michael Miu speaks up for Charmaine Sheh over flirting news

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Last Friday, Michael Miu threw a surprise birthday party for his wife, Jamie Chik’s 50th birthday and celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary as well. Tabloids claimed that Charmaine Sheh got cosy with her ex-colleagues and flirted openly with them.

At the party, Charmaine was said to be behaving intimately with Hu Jun, kissing and hugging together. Charmaine reportedly also held Raymond Lam’s hands and allegedly flirted with Joe Ma and Michael Tse as well.

After learning about the reports, Michael Miu was furious and said that the reports were fabricated. He wrote on his Weibo, “I am very angry! The private party was supposed to be a beautiful memory for my wife but some shameless magazine and paparazzi disregarded others’ feelings, randomly took pictures and fabricated the reports. It is simply ridiculous!”

The reports, on the other hand, did not seem to affect Charmaine at all. She replied to Michael and said, “San-Gor (Third brother – Michael’s nickname) please do not let those nonsense reports affect you. You have given a memorable night for every guest who attended”.

Source: mingpao 

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