Myolie Wu sends blessings to Bosco Wong on his newfound love

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After a 74-day honeymoon, Myolie Wu finally returned to work and appeared at an event yesterday.

Looking very fresh and cheery, Myolie shared that she and her husband had travelled to 12 cities including Hokkaido, Tahiti, New Zealand, Los Angeles, New York, London, Belfast, Aegean, Dubai, Barcelona, Athens and Maldives.

When asked if they had taken the opportunity to make baby, Myolie blushed and said, “If there is, you will know later. (Are you ready for baby plans?) My husband is, but I need to work out the arrangement. Many people say I need to strengthen my body first. This is very important.”

Myolie also revealed that she hoped to have at least 2 kids. She also said that she would wish to balance between family and work.

Recently, Bosco Wong was said to be dating Japanese model Jun. Myolie sent her blessings to her ex-boyfriend and said, “Most importantly, he is happy to find his other half, just like how happy I am now.”



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