Myolie Wu will invite ex-boyfriend Bosco Wong to her wedding

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Myolie Wu has confirmed that she will be tying the knot with her boyfriend, Philip Lee on December 28, at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. The couple will be planning for 50 tables at the wedding banquet.

When asked if her guest list would include her ex-boyfriend, Bosco Wong, Myolie replied graciously, “Yes, if he is free. I also hope he will attend. I believe he will be happy for me.”

Bosco and Myolie were together for 8 years, and many fans have been hoping for their reconciliation. When news of Myolie’s wedding surfaced, fans were disappointed. Many netizens also left remarks on the web to urge Bosco to snatch Myolie from her wedding day.

Myolie laughed when she heard about it and said, “You think we are shooting a drama? This is reality. Many people watch too much dramas. (Did your husband know that you are going to invite Bosco?) Yes, he is very supportive, and welcome him to attend.”

Myolie also revealed that they had baby plans after their marriage. “I hope to have triplets! Many people ask me not to worry, and will help me look after the kids. I am still very nervous, but we still have to get married first.”

Meanwhile, Bosco also sent his blessings to Myolie. He said, “I wish them happiness and eternity. And forever sweetly in love.”



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