Nancy Wu on breakup: “It’s not my first time dating”

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After her vacation, Nancy Wu is finally back to promote her new drama A Fist Within Four Walls <城寨英雄> along with her co-stars, Ruco Chan, Philip Ng and Moon Lau.

During the publicity, Nancy was very cheery, playing games with her co-stars, and did not seem to be affected by her recent breakup with musician boyfriend, Terry Chan. 

When asked if she broke into tears after her breakup, Nancy said, “No. It’s not my first time dating. Every experience makes me mature. There is no negative emotions. (Are you able to let go?) There is nothing not being able to let go. I know everyone is worried and concern for me. Do not worry. I am a grown up girl.”

Nancy also denied that their relationship was due to a third party. She only revealed that they split up due to incompatible personalities. She also denied that she pressurised her ex-boyfriend into marriage.

“There is no such thing. How can marriage be forced? I am very career-minded, and my career has a new beginning. It’s not so nice to put the words [forced marriage] onto a girl. Hope that nobody takes it seriously.”

Nancy also hopes that the media will not disturb her ex-boyfriend.

When asked if there was anyone chasing after her currently, Nancy said, “No. (How can it be?) Is that surprising? Do you find that I am good? Really no. I have been busy promoting my new drama recently.”

Meanwhile, Ruco also hopes that the media will give Nancy some space.

He said, “I wish her all the best. If everyone dotes on her, please give her more space.”

Asked if he would introduce any guys to Nancy, Ruco jokingly said, “I can’t even help myself when it comes to fate. How can I still help others?”





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