Nancy Wu unhappy with Joyce Tang for stealing her limelight?

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TVB new drama, House Of Spirits <一屋老友記> is well-liked by viewers and it has attained good ratings too. With the popularity of the drama, many of its cast such as Joyce Tang and Bob Cheung are also gaining popularity.

Netizens have also praised Joyce for her excellent acting in the drama. Playing Bobby Au-yeung’s younger sister, Joyce has many screen time in the drama, and it appears that she is leading the drama as the plot thickens.

Her role has also outshone Nancy Wu, who is supposedly to be the leading actress in the drama. Netizens are also discussing to push Joyce to be the TVB Queen this year, and Joyce’s old works such as A Step into the Past <尋秦記> and Armed Reaction <陀槍師姐> have also come to attention. However, little was said on Nancy’s role. 

Hong Kong tabloids claimed that Nancy, who won last year’s TV Queen was upset with Joyce for overshadowing her. An inside source said that during the filming, Nancy already noticed that Joyce was stealing her limelight, and so, she kept a distance from her.


Now that Joyce has become the leading actress instead, Nancy reportedly is unhappy, and has skipped several publicity events, including a celebratory dinner. On the other hand, Joyce tried her best to promote the new drama.

Nancy has since dismissed the rumours, and said that she was not in Hong Kong, hence she missed the previous events. However, she would be back on July 20, and will attend the rest of the promotion activities.

She said, “Whenever there is a new drama, there will be news. As the drama has good ratings, it’s natural to have more news. It’s a good thing. It doesn’t matter.”



Source: Apple Daily HK,

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