Philip Ng and Moon Lau openly flirt with each other on stage

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Rumoured couple, Philip Ng and Moon Lau were promoting their drama, A Fist Within Four Walls <城寨英雄> recently.

During a game show, the duo had many body contact and Philip carried Moon in his arms. He also pretended to kiss her on her cheek, whereas Moon held onto Philip’s hand in a game segment.

In a previous event, Philip and Moon wore matching green outfits, whereas this time round, they wore matching red outfits. Asked if they had intentionally come in matching outfits, Philip joked that he only had green and red shirts at home.



When asked if they were dating, Philip denied, “We are good friends. Luckily, she has been showing me around in TVB city, introducing me the good food, and chatting with me. I am happy. (There is a chance to progress further?) I am happy with other people too.”

Grace dodged the question on whether she would consider Philip as her boyfriend. She changed topic by saying that she had been learning Muay Thai from Stephanie Ho and Jeannie Chan.

When asked why Moon did not learn from Philip directly, Philip responded on her behalf, “It will be exhausting learning boxing. No pain no gain. (You will be heartbroken if you hurt her?) I hurt her all the time during filming. I just kicked her when I walked past her.”





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