Prince sticks close to Rainie Yang after her wedding rumours with rich guy

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Tabloids reported that Rainie Yang is about to get married, but the groom is not her rumoured boyfriend, JPM’s Prince.

Sources claimed that Rainie was courted by a businessman, Mr Lin and even her mother liked her new boyfriend very much. Rainie and Prince’s relationship reportedly was rocky due to the new guy in her life.

The insider said, “Rainie’s mother is very satisfied with Lin. She even tells others that her daughter is about to get married soon.”

After the rumours broke out, Prince reportedly is worried and has been sticking close to Rainie and even attempts to please her mother. Recently, Prince was spotted driving Rainie to a dental clinic.

Rainie has dismissed her wedding rumours and said, “What rich guy? I don’t know any Mr Lin. It’s hard on the reporter who has to handle all kinds of ridiculous inside news. We artistes are unlucky too!”

Responding on his relationship with Rainie, JPM’s manager said, “They are just very good friends.”

Source: Ettoday

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