Separated for 100 days, Rainie Yang misses Li Ronghao

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Rainie Yang and Li Ronghao have been separated for a while. Missing her husband so much, Rainie shared her thoughts on her Instagram, “Today is the 100th day! Separated for too long.” She also attached a crying emoji!

On her birthday last month, she also wished for the pandemic to be over soon. She wished on her birthday, “Hope everyone can travel freely and meet the people they miss.”

Although Ronghao could not celebrate birthday with Rainie, he bought a Nintendo Switch and passed it to a friend to send to her. This came as a surprise to Rainie. She was so touched that she broke into tears.

At a recent variety programme, Ronghao was asked which song he often listened before going to sleep. He immediately showed his phone, which had Rainie’s song ‘Left side’ (左边). He also said he gave Rainie full marks for her singing.

“For me, even if you don’t give me any points, it’s fine. Actually, she really has very good pitch. Don’t let me praise her, if not people will say I am fake.”

Source: Sina

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