Rainie Yang breaks into tears after hearing Will Pan’s marriage

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Will Pan and Rainie Yang have a bonding friendship for 15 years. They have often posted their dining photos together, and recently even become mentors together at the reality girls’ group competition ‘Dancing Diamond 52′ (菱格世代DD52).

Last year, when Rainie registered her marriage with Li Ronghao, Will only got to know about it through her Instagram. He also said that he would want to be her bridesmaid, and would give her a big red packet.

Rainie was asked about Will’s marriage announcement, and she said that she already knew about it beforehand.

She said, “Will Pan had shared the good news with me before he posted. He told me personally. When I heard about it, I immediately cried. Those are joyous tears. I am so happy for him!”

Source: Ettoday

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