Rainie Yang and Prince have got back together?

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Rainie Prince

It looks like Rainie Yang and JPM’s Prince have got back together again!

Rainie and Prince ended their two-year relationship in March. Although refusing to comment on their breakup, both have emphasised on their single status.

However, Prince may not want to end his relationship with Rainie yet. He reportedly had been trying hard to win her back and actively invited her to his birthday party in April. Moved by his sincerity, Rainie was seen at his birthday celebration, sparking speculations if they have rekindled their romance.

Furthermore, paparazzi have recently caught Prince visiting Rainie’s house three times within four days! Each visit was around 12 hours!

On 9 July, Prince was seen buying supper and took it to Rainie’s house at night. He reportedly left only at 2 pm the next day. On 10th July, Prince personally drove Rainie home after she attended a party with friends, and again, only left her place at 2 pm the next day.

After a day, Prince once again drove himself to Rainie’s house and reportedly spent the next 12 hours together.

Rainie’s manager has quashed the rumours, stressing that she is still single now. Rainie only invited her friends to a housewarming party as she has just moved house. Prince’s manager responded that he was unsure of Rainie and Prince’s relationship.

Source: Ettoday 

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