Rainie Yang apologises to fans at concert

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Rainie Yang apologised to her Singaporean fans on 12 January 2012 during her concert.

For her Love Voyage Tour, the challenging stunts are a key selling point for her worldwide show. The Taiwanese pop singer unfortunately was struggling with her stunts when she was down with a severe flu and fever.

In addition, Rainie also suffered from numerous bruises, a waist injury and an ankle sprain due to her earlier concert performances. As a result, her illness and her injuries affected her acrobatic stunt in which she was hung upside down.

Thanks to the fans which cheered and screamed their support to her, Rainie completed the stunt despite her body discomfort. Touched by the fans’ encouragement, a weeping Rainie told her fans, “If I did not give a 100 percent performance due to my flu, please bear with me”.

Rainie also submerged herself in a huge watertank despite having flu.

Rainie dressed up in a sexily costume which revealed her cleavage. The petite singer jokingly said, “It is the Singapore food which uplifts my mood. Even my cup size also increases”.

Rainie’s concert was also attended by Singaporean singer, Mavis Hee. Overjoyed with her favourite singer’s attendance, Rainie said, “I love her songs, Iron windows <鐵窗> and Moonlight in the City <城裡的月光>. Her voice is like a sword that pierced through my heart!”

Source: appledaily.com.tw

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