Will Pan defends wife and issues legal statement

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Will Pan‘s air stewardess wife, Luna was surrounded by negative reports after her identity was exposed. Netizens claimed that she had a “wild history”, worked before as a DJ in night club, and had plastic surgery.

Through his lawyer, Will issued a legal statement to defend his wife from the accusations.

The statement said, “After Mr Will Pan announced his marriage with Mdm Luna, a few internet users targeted at Mr Will Pan and Mdm Luna, to spread rumours, insult, and engaged in defamatory speeches to attack the couple personally. After the rumours circulate, it has caused negative social impact on both Mr Will Pan and Mdm Luna, and caused damage to their character.”

It also stressed, “Please stop the defamation, otherwise we will represent Mr Will Pan and Mdm Luna to take legal action. We will not tolerate.”

Source: Ettoday

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