Rainie Yang says Li Ronghao is the “right person”

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Recently, Rainie Yang and Show Luo attended the variety talk show, Kangxi Lai Le <康熙来了>, and the duo was probed on their love life.

Rainie also took chance to dismiss her wedding rumours. She said she would not have a secret wedding, and if she were to hold a wedding, she would invite her friends and relatives.

Rainie also acknowledged that Li Ronghao was the “right person”, and they have compatible personalities. She also praised Ronghao as a “very mature” person who knew how to take care of others.

When asked to give examples of how Ronghao was able to take care of others, she said, “If I am hungry, he will cook.”

When the host asked if Ronghao had cooked for her at his house or at her house, Rainie laughed awkwardly and looked at Show for help.

Source: Apple Daily

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