Ruco Chan and Rosina Lam have to remove their shirts on first day of filming

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Ruco Chan and Rosina Lam attended the blessing ceremony of their new drama Hot Pursuit <乘勝狙擊>.

In the new drama, Ruco portrays a con artist, whereas Rosina portrays a Mahjong Queen. Ruco also sheds his clean cut image, and adopts a rugged look in the new drama.

Ruco said, “I prefer a clean look, and this is the first time which I have to grow a beard for the drama. I have grown the beard for around 20 days, and I am worried I will be addicted to this look, but growing beard is quite troublesome. I have to trim very regularly. (Are you worried that girls will not like your bearded look?) Maybe some girls will like it.”

Ruco also said that for this drama, he has to practise shuffling cards and his hands almost went numb.


Ruco’s co-star Rosina revealed that she did not know how to play Mahjong, and had specifically bought 2 sets of Mahjong to practise at home.

Asked if she had any kissing scene with Ruco, Rosina said, “In our first scene, we have to remove our shirts. It’s quite heavy in flavour. (Does your husband know?) No, and there is no need to tell him. (You are not worried that he may get angry?) He doesn’t know, so why would he get angry?”



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