Ruco Chan to spend Valentine’s Day with Linda Chung

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Ruco Chan accepted a radio interview with Nancy Sit today and talked about his love life.

Speaking on his rumours with onscreen partner Linda Chung, Ruco said, “There are many rumours, but they all faded naturally.”

Asked if he hoped to develop further with Linda, Ruco said, “We are always an onscreen couple. (She is single now?) I don’t know, but it’s good that we are able to work together again. We are going to Las Vegas and San Francisco to perform at a show together during the Valentine’s Day period.”

Ruco said that he would most likely be working during the lunar new year, as he hopes to save up more to buy an apartment. Asked if he wished to date, Ruco said, “Yes! I also have my needs too. It’s very common to date. I can’t be a monk right? I have been dry for many years, and I lost count of how many years.”

Ruco disclosed that although his family had not been pressurizing him to get attached, his friends had been introducing girls to him. So has anyone caught his eye?

Ruco said, “I don’t have high expectations, but there isn’t anyone yet. (Any criteria for girlfriend?) Comfortable. (This comfortable criteria is also a high expectation!) Yes, it’s so troublesome. It’s very hard to say when it comes to fate.”



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