‘Ruse of Engagement’ shelves aside: Ron Ng blames Ruco Chan

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Starring Ron Ng and Ruco Chan, Ruse of Engagement <叛逃> is an action crime drama produced by TVB in 2011. The drama evolves the story of two brothers who are working as paramilitary officers in the Anti-Terrorist Force (ATF).

After two years, the drama never sees the daylight and it has been confirmed to be shelved aside. Responding on his drama being kept in the ‘warehouse’, Ron seemed to imply that Ruco was partly to be blamed.

He jokingly said, “I cannot do anything about it. It was rumoured before that he (Ruco) was heavily promoted by Catherine Tsang (TVB production executive) and I did not have any extra screentime in the drama. Therefore, it has nothing to do with me.”

During the filming in 2011, Ron was rumoured to be unhappy about Ruco as he was ‘downgraded’ to a second lead.

Asked for his comment, Ruco calmly responded, “He is just fond of joking!”

Appearing to take a dig at Ron’s comment about him stealing the limelight, Ruco said, “Please do not always talk about such topic. It’s so boring!”

However, Ruco did express his disappointment that Ruse of Engagement was being shelved aside.

“There are so many explosive scenes and this is my most confident drama after The Other Truth <真相>. I am worried that our faces will change after it is telecast.”


Ron also voiced his disappointment and said, “Ruse of Engagement is similar to Tiger Cubs <飛虎>. It has already been shelved aside once. I asked the company before that Ruse of Engagement is such a good show, why it is not aired? A TVB colleague told me that Ruco had too many dramas and could not be released all at once. So, it has to be re-schedule.”

“I really cannot do anything too. Anyway, it was rumoured that I had little screentime. (Ruco drags everyone down?) Haha! He just has too many dramas in the ‘warehouse’!”

Meanwhile, Ruco admitted that his two dramas, Reality Check <心路GPS> and Slow Boat Home <情越海岸線> had already been aired and later on, he will have another upcoming drama, Brother’s Keeper <巨輪> releasing soon.

However, the actor cautiously said, “I think the company is trying to figure out the viewers’ tastes. It will arrange something appropriately.”

Source: HK Channel 

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  1. jo Reply

    I so agree with you. Boo to Tvb for shelving it previously due to Tiger Cubs and boo to it now for shelving it again. The first time they shelved due to it being similar to TC was lame. Didn’t TOT also come out after Ghetto Justice and the drama did well, was 6th highest rated in 2011 if i remember correctly. Ruse of Engagement is miles better than some of the other crap Tvb has aired. Whoever made this decision is STUPID >·<

    1. Jessica S. Yuen Reply

      agree too…but we can’t do anything to make those stubborn + stupid TVB’s management peoples to release the drama b/c their brain is not up in their head it is actually down in their butt. This issue is getting into my nerves, I was so excited about this series but now it has just break my heart.

      1. jo Reply

        me too, i’m heartbroken for Ruco. He put all his heart and soul into making this series, all the dangerous stunts for nought now. tvb’s politics is killing ruco’s career T_T

        1. Carrie Reply

          Ruco already had two dramas this year, and Brother’s Keeper is releasing soon too. Probably, TVB may want to pace ROE a little later. Not sure why they would rather air Brother Keeper first than ROE.

          My suspicion is they are trying to push the selected artistes into the year end TVB anniversary awards. ROE’s lead star, Yoyo Mung has left TVB and another lead star, Aimee Chan is still on break for her pregnancy. Let’s hope ROE will not be store in the warehouse for good.

  2. Jessica S. Yuen Reply

    IMO, warehousing ROE is TVB’s biggest mistake ever because this is the best action series of the year + so many people are anticipating I am sure it will boosts the rating to the highest…I am so disappointed with the decision TVB’s management made.