Tiffany Hsu still keeps in touch with Ethan Ruan

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After 8 years of dating, Ethan Ruan and Tiffany Hsu shockingly broke up in March. 

Although Tiffany has admitted they are no longer living together, Ethan still hopes to salvage the relationship and stressed that, “Tiffany is still my woman!”

Recently, Ethan and Tiffany were spotted to be having a dinner together. Speculations also arise if Ethan has successfully patched things back with Tiffany.

Asked about her dinner with Ethan, Tiffany said awkwardly, “It’s best not to respond, otherwise, the netizens may think that we are creating publicity.”

When probed on her current status with Ethan, Tiffany said, “We are still having a good relationship and still keep in touch. However, we have mutual consensus not to discuss such things in the public.”

Responding if she is still single, Tiffany said, “That’s right. Thanks for your concern.”

Yesterday evening, a dejected looking Ethan was seen out of house to throw a bag of trash. He was very shocked when he saw reporters outside his house.

When being told that Tiffany had maintained that she was still “single”, Ethan said, “I don’t have any comment.”


Source: Apple Daily

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  1. Jessie Reply

    Yes! Also hope for them to get back again.

  2. Lori Reply

    hope they are back together soon.
    8 years being together is not easy…