Tony Hung: “Yes, I like Natalie Tong!”

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TVB actor, Tony Hung has admitted openly that he is currently pursuing Natalie Tong!

31-year-old Tony has been caught on numerous dates with 33-year-old Natalie, and has recently confessed that he hoped to progress their relationship further.

“Yes, I really like her. There are 200, 300 likes! She is a nice girl and has great personality. She is kindhearted and knows how to take care of others,” said Tony.

When asked if they had held hands, Tony said, “I have not held her hands. Those are just dinner dates. We are getting to know each other.”

When asked if he is now officially courting Natalie, Tony said, “I would say those are just dates. I will see if I can date her out on Valentine’s Day.”

Natalie was told that Tony had professed his love for her openly. When asked if she had accepted him, Natalie laughed and said, “Haha! Do give us some space! We need to understand each other first. (Will you accept his date on Valentine’s Day?) I have not received his invitation yet.”

Meanwhile, Natalie was also rumoured with her “brother”, Kenneth Ma after filming Lord Of Shanghai <枭雄> together. When “love rival” Kenneth Ma was told of Tony’s love declaration, he said, “Sister did not talk about such things when we meet for meals. If she really likes him, I will be happy for her.”

Asked if he is familiar with Tony, Kenneth said, “We are colleagues. He is a very humourous guy. Actually, sister may not accept his date seeing that he is so proactive. We are not sure if we would ask her out on Valentine’s Day.”

Source: HK Channel, Ming Pao

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