Vanness Wu accepts diving challenge for NT$1.2 million

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Vanness Wu took up the challenge and participated in the Jiangsu TV’s Stars In Danger: High Diving programme. Celebrities who participate in the programme will get a crash course from the diving professionals before taking the diving board at an Olympic-sized pool.

After two weeks of intense training, Vanness finally made his diving debut three days ago. He dived from a 3-metre high springboard and pulled off a one-and-a-half reverse somersault, getting a score of 69 (out of 71 points). The F4 member clinched the top spot in his B group and successfully qualified into the quarter-finals.

Vanness shared his experience and said that he was having a cold feet before the competition.

“I joined for fun at the beginning. However, the pressure was getting intense prior to the competition. I was starting to feel that it was not so fun after all. Before I took the dive, I kept praying and hoped that god would give me the strength.”

The top three finalists reportedly will walk away with NT$10 million of cash prizes.



Source: Apple Daily 

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