Ariel Lin reportedly is getting married next year


Taiwanese sweetheart, Ariel Lin reportedly has accepted her boyfriend, Lin Yuchao’s proposal during her 31st birthday celebration in October. The couple is said to be getting married next year!

Ariel’s boyfriend is in the diving supplies business in California and has known Ariel for ten years. Sparks only ignited for them after they were asked to be the groomsman and bridesmaid at the wedding of Ariel’s cousin. Ariel and Yuchao started dating in January last year.

On 29 October 2013, Yuchao reportedly flew over to London to celebrate her birthday. During the birthday celebration, he put on a necklace for her, symbolising that he would be circling around her for life. Ariel was touched and agreed to his proposal.  The couple is said to be holding their wedding banquet in Taiwan next year.

When asked about the wedding proposal, Ariel’s manager replied, “I have not heard of it, but marriage is in their consideration since they started dating.”

Source: Apple Daily 

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41 thoughts on “Ariel Lin reportedly is getting married next year

  1. Nnnnnooooooooooooooooooo….pls ate marry kuya joe pleasssseee, I’d rather die here because of you..because you don’t mary kuya joe plsss…… if you don’t mary him wait for my revenge but if you mary kuya joe i will stop crying and stop killing myself,,,,,,,,,,,,,please ate ariel i’ll beg you please.. :'(

    • Hope That ariel lin and Joe cheng would be together because it seems like their in love lalo na sa ISWAK 1&2 …ahhh hope soooo..

  2. i have nothing to say…WHO ARE WE TO JUDGE OTHER PEOPLE’S LIFE….C’MON..^__^

    #season 3 of they kiss again..plssssssssss

  3. im gonna cryy! meyolaaa! i really miss the love team ArJoe~ im watching RIGHT NOW they kiss again! woooo!! cant stop crying up all night. even though they already married how i wish ariel lin would change her mind, tabushi, and marry joe cheng onegai! :'( aiyooo:O gonna watch again to forget the PAIN!:)

    • Me too i really miss them, hope that ariel change her mind and be with joe cheng…I Love them very much <3… diba love mo si Kuya Joseph ate Eryen? Bakit ganun you really hurt my feelings :'(

  4. cant stop crying up all night:'( im watching RIGHT NOW
    they kiss again. wooooo! can’t say anything can’t stop crying
    :'( even though they already married i still hope theres a chance for ariel lin
    to changed her mind, tabushi , i reaaallly love ARJOE! wo ai ni! istill wish
    that they would be back together! i wish there would be it started with a kiss 3! nahh. gonna watch again 🙂

  5. It was so sad to know that Ariel lin will soon getting married to a guy that I don’t even know. But what can I do ? Maybe she’s just in love. And I do understand her. I just wish that despite of her getting married to the other guy she will stil have a TV series with Joe cheng. You know I’m a solid fan of ARJOE LOVETEAM.

  6. Women.. If she fall in love, she doesn’t care about the appearance.. But, is this really to happen??? Please choose joe cheng.. Both of you are cute together. Seriously…

  7. im so sad because ariel lin is getting married with other
    i wish ariel lin can changed her mind
    beside joe cheng and ariel lin is very sweet couple
    i love them since iswak
    i want arjoe
    arjoe only

  8. Looks is not that important for girl to marriage someone. You’ll know when u already married. Be Happy Yi Chen.. ^_^ GBU

  9. Ariel lin is so clueless….she has no idea on how choosing guy to her own life….
    i love arjoe but in this news ……..haaaaaaaa……….im really mad…….what the heck is going on……

  10. You guys still want her to be with joe cheng? I mean…. Hello? Move on! The guy screams flamboyant with cherries on top. He”s soon girly, with his long girly hands, and long thin frame. I saw him in Taichung back then, and he walks like a freaking woman. Gross! Ariel lin by the way always have an “eclectic taste” in men, she never had a cute or good looking bf, all ugly or old or poor or girly like her 1st bf who works in a parlor, I mean, heeelllloooo?! Don’t even think she will have a better taste soon because she will never change.

  11. I am not agree this couple.
    I agreed with Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng.
    I like Ariel Lin & Joe Cheng.

  12. I feel pity for joe because he said he would be uncomfortable when ariel call lao gong to other guy and it is going to happen.I greedily hope ariel will run to joe as in ‘love or bread’

    • Winnie, get a frigging life.. Do you and all these stu ok id donkeys realize hkw ignorant and foolish you all sound?. Joe and Ariel are a good onscreen couple , so what. They are not in love or never have been in love. They are friendly offscreen and that is as far as ok t goes. Why are you sad?. I cannot believe grown women 18 and over are so retarded. Go jump or something. Wasfe of breath clowns. This qfoolish fantasy has become too sick for the human stomach to take.

  13. I only feel pity for joe because he said he would’be uncomfortable when ariel call lao gong to other guy and I think it is going to happen.I greedily hope ariel will run to joe as in ‘love or bread’

  14. “clueless” is the word I always used to describe yichen, good actress, smart, optimistic, nice, simple minded and simple taste but CLUELESS! 🙂 and old fashioned lol! nothin wrong with that though…

  15. Ugh. Please. Nothing’s impossible! Everything is possible. Maybe someday, Joe and Ariel will finally realize they’re meant for each other. :p No offense, it’s just my point of view. Bleeeh! But if it will not happen, then what else can I do? But still hoping for It Started with a Kiss 3 to happen. ARJOE all the way! Yehawwww!

  16. Joe?! No! We need to move on from them, it’s sooo obvious they’re not meant to be and Joe wasted too much time waiting and Ariel is friggin cannot live without a man so of course she need someone more reliable and manly. But yeah the taste level…pathetic and 🙁

  17. I understand your liking of Joe theresa, I used to liked him too, but as years passed I realized why Ariel did not try to be in a relationship with him, they are really different from each other, different frequencies and Joe is completely a complex person, I think he has so many hidden personalities that the viewers don’t realize but only his close friends does. In the end I think they are better off as good friends. It’s weird to see them being a couple now, i just learned a lot of things from him and it’s just, I don’t know…weird, I wish him well though.

    • want to know more about joe hidden personality.. can you share some info.? i’m an ARJOE fan but ready to hear negatives about them 🙂 wanna know them more

  18. I agree Ariel Lin have a bad taste on choosing a guy she smart at everything but when it come to choose a guy she is bad at it . I just wish if she could give Joe Cheng a second chances to prove that he the only guy for her I know Joe lack of love because what happen to his parents divorce when he was young is effect him it make him feel lonely and scared and sad that’s why if only she could figure out away or willing to care and love and understand and thoughtful, support toward him in anyway and make him happy and be himself again

  19. Yes! Her ultimate goal/dream in life finally came true! At least her obsession and endless talks about love and being so cheesy and open about love will stop and she would already shut up flaunting her love life cus it’s getting so tiring reading and hearing about it. She is never private about it believe me opposed to descriptions by some reporters that she never want to talk about it..I mean..puh-leeeaase. Btw, is he cross eyed? I can imagine their baby having really big nose 🙂 but anyways congrats! Finally…hehe

  20. Eew…her taste is soooo bad…but then again she’s nothing special either, so it’s only normal for her to have someone ordinary cus she’s not exactly a looker. Good actress though, not amazing just good. Best wishes, have loads of babies…lol!

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