F4 and Barbie Hsu send blessings to Vic Chou

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Yesterday, Vic Chou announced his marriage with his girlfriend of 4 years, Reen Yu. 

Vic and Reen’s sudden announcement took many by surprise. Even their managers did not know about their marriage beforehand.

Ariel Lin, who collaborated with Vic recently in Go Lala Go <追婚日記> met him 2 weeks ago, and she did not know about his wedding plan too. She also learnt about it from the media reports.

She extended her congratulations to Vic and teased him on her social media, “Congratulations. Are you inspired or motivated by Singles’ Day?”

F4 members also sent their congratulations to Vic. Jerry Yan said, “I am really happy for them.”

Ken Chu, who learnt about his wedding through a friend also congratulated the couple. “I am very happy and send them my blessings. If he invites me to his wedding banquet, I will be there.”

Ex-girlfriend, Barbie Hsu also sent her blessings to the couple. “I hope they have a baby soon. I am really happy for Vic.”

Source: Ettoday

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