A recap of Nicholas, Faye and Cecilia’s love triangle story

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For more than a decade, Nicholas Tse is entangled between two women in his lives – Faye Wong and Cecilia Cheung.

The three of them are also in a complicated love triangle, and have experienced ups and downs in their lives – from breakups, reconciliation, marriage and divorce.

We recap on their love stories and their love quotations at different stages of their lives.

Faye Wong

Breakup with Nicholas in March 2002 

After her breakup with Nicholas in 2002, Faye admitted that love was a very exhausting thing for her. “I value relationship and when the feeling is right, it will be right. When a person is in love, he is like being possessed and can’t objectively evaluate himself.”

It was rumoured that Cecilia intervened in Nicholas and Faye’s relationship. Faye responded that time, saying, “A man has to be honest and upright. I don’t like to play guessing game.”


Reconciliation with Nicholas

Faye and Nicholas got back again in January 2003. Faye remarked then that she craved for both passionate relationship and a simple relationship at the same time.

“After madly in love, I crave for a simple relationship. After being in a simple relationship, I want to be madly in love again.”

Marriage to Li Yapeng

Faye Wong married to Chinese actor, Li Yapeng in 2005. Speaking about her marriage to Yapeng, Faye once said, “You know how hard it is for me to love someone now. Yapeng may lie to me or may let me down. But if I can’t find the feeling of loving someone again, I will be letting myself down.”


Divorce with Li Yapeng 

Faye and Yapeng shocked the whole world when they announced the end of their 8-year marriage last year. Faye announced her divorce in mirco-blog, “Our fate as husband and wife has come to an end in this lifetime. I am still okay. You take care too.”

Cecilia Cheung 

Breakup with Nicholas

Breaking with Nicholas in 2003, Cecilia did not believe that Nicholas and Faye’s relationship had ended. She said, “I have let go and will not think too much. I understand that our fate has ended. I will be happy to say goodbye and we are still friends again.”

She also said, “I realise being together with Nicholas is wrong. It’s not worth getting hurt for him. I just hope that my next man will be better. I will not get angry or bear any grudges.”

Reconciliation with Nicholas 

Despite being hurt by Nicholas, Cecilia openly praised Nicholas after patching things back with him. “Nicholas is a super good man. He is perfect in my eyes.”


Divorce with Nicholas 

In 2011, Cecilia and Nicholas officially signed the divorce papers. After the separation, she said, “A man can only have one woman in the relationship. He has to be loyal. I still hope to find someone who I can grow old with and love me forever. I am willing to spend a lifetime to wait for such a person.”

Nicholas Tse 

Reconciliation with Faye Wong in 2003 

After patching back with Faye Wong in 2003, Nicholas described love like a guitar. “To maintain a relationship is like adjusting the tones of a guitar. Once the string snaps, it can be changed. It needs time for both parties to give in to each other.”

Reconciliation with Cecilia Cheung 

Nicholas admitted getting back together with Cecilia in 2006. When reports stated that Cecilia’s Chinese birth chart may not be compatible to him, Nicholas defended her then, “If Cecilia is not good, why am I willing to go spend my life with her? We know the road down will be difficult, but I am willing to take up the battle and take the risk. I love her. I am willing to use my life to gamble.”


Divorce with Cecilia 

Cecilia and Nicholas ended up in divorce in May 2012. After his divorce, Nicholas still believes in love. He said. “I still believe in love and still believe there will be someone willing to accompany me in the end.”

Reconciliation with Faye Wong 

While hosting a cooking show, Chef Nic <十二道鋒味>, Nicholas spoke about his ideal love life. “I am willing to make breakfast for her. You will wake up early for that person and prepares a meal for her quietly. I have not made any breakfast for anyone yet but I think this will be a sacred meal. If the day I really make breakfast will be the day I found my true love.”

Just last week, paparazzi managed to snap photos of Nicholas and Faye cooking together at Faye’s apartment in Beijing.


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