Ex-girlfriend scolds Ken Chu a “jerk” after his new relationship is exposed

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Ken Chu’s new romance was exposed after he was caught holding hands with Chinese actress Han Wen Wen.

A day before his romance was exposed, Ken left an ambiguous post on his Weibo. “If I can sell my soul to the devil in exchange for a wish, I hope that you will be happy.”

Shortly after his relationship with Han Wen Wen surfaced, Ken’s ex-girlfriend, Jiang Xinyu wrote on a post and appeared to be snapping at him.

She said. “I only know I have to cover my ears. You want to sell your soul to the devil, but the jerk’s soul is too greedy. The heaven has eyes. There is a karma for everything.  I hope the good girl knows how to take care of herself. I wish her well.”

Many netizens have since urged Xinyu not to follow the footsteps of Viann Zhang, who reportedly took the opportunity to criticize ex-boyfriend to create publicity.

On 3 May evening, Ken also wrote a lengthy post, which seemed to be responding to his ex-girlfriend’s words.

“I treasure every fragment of the past, even if it’s a fatal attraction. The past experience has made me who I am today. For those who slander me, I will not retaliate. I feel that every man should assume responsibility. After all, youth cannot never be bought.”

Ken also admitted indirectly his current relationship with Han Wen Wen.

“I am very happy now, because the person whom I care for also cares for me. I feel that this is enough.”

Source: Ettoday

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