Gaga chocks back tears in last performance with Magic Power

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Magic Power vocalist, Gaga was fired from the band after behaving indecently with Popu Lady singer, Bao’er’s shirt on street. At the KKBOX awards presentation 2 days ago, Gaga performed the last time together with Magic Power.

Many fans made lighted signboards that printed “Gaga” to support his last performance. After their performance ended, many fans broke down in tears.

Gaga and his bandmates also cried together after thanking their fans on stage. Gaga said, “Thank you to my 5 brothers who are like my family. I did things which disappointed you. I hope everyone can give me another chance. Please also give MP Magic Power another chance, and continue to support them.”

Before ending, Gaga also said, “I always cherish this stage no matter what happens in the future. Before getting on the stage, I told myself not to shed any tears. Magic Power’s music always bring happiness and positive energy to everyone. I did something in life which is wrong, but I hope everyone can remember all six of us and remember me. I hope to smile and have fun with you today.”





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