Laurinda Ho spotted visiting Kenji Wu’s house

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Laurinda Ho (left) spotted shopping with Vanness Wu’s wife, Arissa Cheo

Laurinda Ho, daughter of Macau’s casino king Stanley Ho was spotted shopping with Vanness Wu’s wife, Arissa Cheo at a mall in Taipei.

According to Taiwanese media, both heiresses were dressed fashionably in T-shirts and shorts, and were shopping at branded boutiques. While shopping, the duo was constantly looking around to see if there was any paparazzi. A male friend hinted and asked them to leave the place first.

When Laurinda and Arissa realised that they were being followed, they ventured in many directions to shake the paparazzi. Despite raining heavily, the two girls dashed out of the door without any umbrellas and detoured back to the mall.

Shortly after, they hopped onto a taxi, and moved in circles and circles, hoping to get rid of the paparazzi. Eventually, they gave up and the taxi was spotted driving towards Laurinda’s boyfriend, Kenji Wu’s agency.

Laurinda alighted alone at the place and realised that she could not enter in the building, After making several phone calls, she quickly ran inside Kenji’s apartment which is located next to his agency.


Laurinda reportedly made use of her short break to visit her boyfriend in Taipei. As Kenji was recording for his new album, he was not able to accompany her to shopping.

In March this year, Kenji finally admitted that he was dating Laurinda. At a recent interview, Kenji also sang praises of her, “I feel she is different and has her own mindsets. I admire people who has their own mindsets. She is not a pampered rich girl at all.”

Source: Apple Daily 

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