Louis Koo scolds Sandra Ng for showing him her giant breasts

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704_1193493_718013Louis Koo will be collaborating with Gordon Lam in the latest anti-corruption film, Z Storm <Z风暴> and he will play an ICAC officer in the movie.

Recently, Louis has been making the headlines as Hong Kong’s top earning celebrity in 2013 and he reportedly earns HK$236 million last year. However, Louis denied earning such a high figure, citing that some of the movies were filmed in 2012.

“I heard about the report, but some of the movies were filmed in 2012, so it was not accurate. I do not know exactly how much I earned and have never calculated. For me, filming good movies is more important,” said Louis.

Sandra Ng recently revealed that she had played a prank on Louis by showing him her fake 38G giant breasts from her new movie, Golden Chicken sss <金鸡sss>. Sandra laughed that the usual cool and composed Louis immediately turned red after seeing her naked photos.

When asked about seeing Sandra’s naked photos, Louis exclaimed, “She is too ridiculous! She suddenly showed me her phone and there was her naked photo. A normal person will say Wah after seeing such a photo. I was really very embarrassed at that time. Actually, I knew that her breasts were fake. However, you will have that reaction the moment you see it. She was very happy like she had succeeded making fun of us.”

Source: 21CN 

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