Ruco Chan on developing with Nancy Wu: “If there are feelings, we can develop further”

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Recently, Ruco Chan and Nancy Wu were photographed eating dessert together in a car, and Ruco was also often seen driving her home.

A few days ago, the rumoured couple attended an event together, and intentionally kept a distance with each other. Besides refusing to take interviews together, Nancy was even pulled away by her assistant when a reporter requested them to take a photo together. Ruco was left feeling awkwardly.

When asked about their progress, Nancy said, “There was filming everyday. There was no progress. (Is Ruco still driving you back?) He is. Everyone knows that my license has suspended. Pal Sinn, Mandy Wong and Selena Lee have also given me a lift. We always have late night filming in very far remote location. He [referring to Ruco] is just being kind to send me back. It’s really a very normal thing.”

Ruco is such a gentleman, and he deserves extra points?

“Well, he is really a gentleman. If he really dumps me in a remote area, I will not film with him anymore, but he is not such a person.”


At the other corner, Ruco was asked on why he did not take photo with Nancy. He said, “I don’t know what happened. You have to ask the company. Maybe, they are scared that I will say the wrong things. (Are you still driving Nancy?) We just filmed a car scene for 2 to 3 hours. (Are you two closer?) We are great partners.”

Ruco responded with a laugh when asked if there was any chance of him developing further with Nancy. He said, “Nancy is a nice girl. Maybe I have my problem. You all know that the rumours all these years are fake. I am strange as I prefer to focus on work. It doesn’t mean that Nancy is not good. She is good and loves sports. (Nancy praised that you are a gentleman!) Everyone is a gentleman in the company, and everyone is a bachelor.”

“I also have some experience [with rumours] before. As long as it doesn’t affect our relationship during filming. When the rumours escalate, you will tend to avoid each other. Many people have been asking me about this question repeatedly for the past 2 to 3 weeks. They even congratulated me. I want to maintain our current relationship now as great colleagues and partners. If there are feelings, we can develop further. My contract does not state that we can’t date. For now, work is more important, and it’s the same for her. I’ve been responding to a lot of such questions recently, and I don’t really know what to respond now.”


Source:, Ming Pao

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