Steve Wong will never work with Paul Wong again: “Our fate has ended”

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Yip Sai Wing (叶世荣) recently suggested for Beyond to reunite to hold a concert to commemorate Wong Ka Kui’s (黄家驹) 22nd death anniversary. Sai Wing also had confidence to reconcile Paul Wong (黃貫中) and Steve Wong (黄家强) whose conflicts have escalated over the years.

At a recent interview, Steve shared that reconciliation with Paul was totally impossible.

When asked if he would mind performing together with Paul again, Steve said, “I mind. I will not force myself. I don’t want to do something against my conscience.”

Steve also said, “Sharing the same stage will not happen. I am not angry at him. I just feel that our fate has ended. I have not thought about the future. I will not take a step further. Our fate has ended!”

Steve said that he had tried to salvage their relationship and tried to give in to Paul. He said, “Maybe I spoiled him too much. I was not so calculative and always swallowed the grievances. It has pushed him to deal with matters in an extreme manner. Let’s not waste everyone’s time.”

Steve revealed that he was touched by Sai Wing’s gesture to hold a show to commemorate Ka Kui, and would meet him up for discussion.


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