Steve Wong will not work with Paul Wong anymore

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Beyond member, Steve Wong shared on his social media that he had missed the classic drama, Justice Pao.

He said, “There was this drama Justice Pao that I watched when I was young. There were many unjust cases in the ancient period, so Justice Bao would need to uphold justice. I learnt what was right and wrong when I was young. When I grow up, I understand right and wrong better. Suddenly misses this drama.”

His post caught one netizen’s eyes, who replied, “Reunite with Paul Wong quickly!”

Steven then replied, “We have different paths, can’t unite.”

Conflict of Steve and Paul has escalated and intensified over the years. According to the Hong Kong media, the feud started when Paul and his then girlfriend, Athena Chu (current wife) suspected that Steve was the one who leaked out their secret holiday in Thailand to the paparazzi.

Source: Ming Pao

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