Jaycee Chan may face 3 years’ imprisonment

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Beijing police have formally arrested Jaycee Chan on charges of “accommodating drug users”.

Jaycee and Kai Ko were arrested together on 14 August for drug use, and 100g of marijuana was found at Jaycee’s apartment. Both Jaycee and Kai were tested positive for drugs consumption and admitted to smoking marijuana.

Kai was detained for 14 days, and on his release, he held a press conference to apologise to the public. 

31-year-old Jaycee has been detained for 34 days, and investigations could drag as long as 7 months. If convicted, Jaycee could be jailed for up to 3 years.

Till now, Jaycee is not allowed to meet his parents, Jackie Chan and Lin Feng-jiao. He has only met his lawyer 5 times.

Although rumours are saying that Jackie is trying to “rescue his son”, Jaycee’s manager said that Jackie is not involved and the lawyer is handling the case for him.

Source: Apple Daily 

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