Jaycee Chan officially charged with drug offence

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Chinese authorities have officially charged Jaycee Chan for the crime of sheltering drug users. Jaycee will face trial, and may face up to 3 years’ jail sentence.

Jaycee and Kai Ko were arrested on 18 August for drug abuse, and Beijing police searched more than 100g of marijuana at Jaycee’s apartment. Kai was detained for 14 days and has been released.

According to reports, Jaycee’s parents were not allowed to visit him at the detention centre. Jaycee could only convey message to his parents through his lawyer. Earlier, he conveyed to his parents, “I will overcome the environment and wait for the punishment.”

His father, Jackie Chan also sent him a card to encourage him. Jaycee’s lawyer revealed that Jaycee has also read up more than 100 books to improve himself. ‘

Since Jaycee’s arrest, his mum Lin Feng-jiao was deeply affected by the case. Jackie revealed that she still refused to see anyone, and has been worrying about her. Jackie reportedly has been calling his wife everyday and often sends her selfie of himself at the filmset to lighten her mood.

Source: Ming Pao, On.cc 

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