Vic Chou will take girlfriend to Vanness’ wedding

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After Vanness Wu declared his marriage, we wonder who will be the next F4 member to tie the knot. It looks like all bets are on 32-year-old Vic Chou.

Romance of Vic and Reen Yu was first exposed when a hugging photo of the couple was published. Although Vic did not acknowledge his relationship with the Taiwanese actress, the couple was spotted together several times, and reportedly are living together.

Yesterday, Vic was grilled by the reporters about his marriage plans when attending an event. Vic said that he got to know about Vanness’ marriage with Singaporean girlfriend, Arissa Cheo through the papers. Although Vanness said that he was impulsive, Vic thinks that he had planned for a long time before deciding to settle down.

Vic said, “I am very happy that he is the first one [to get married] and I have sent a congratulatory message to him via WhatsApp.”

When asked if he was inspired by Vanness’ wedding, Vic replied, “No, I still prefer my current lifestyle. When it’s time, I will naturally plan for it.”

Vic shared that he did have the impulsive moment to get married when he was in his 20s, but he does not have any plans now. “Marriage is not just about mentality and savings. You will need to spend one or two years with your other half first.”

In his past interviews, Vic would dodge all questions related to his relationship. However, when asked about his relationship status now, Vic readily replied, “It’s comfortable.”

Will Vic take along his girlfriend to Vanness’ wedding?

Vic smiled and said, “I am not sure about the others, but for me, this is such a rare event. Vanness only has this once. I will take along my most important person to experience this sweet moment.”

Is Vic finally acknowledging his romance with Reen?

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